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Frankie creates beautiful bespoke artwork for her clients. Each custom abstract painting is personal, from the colours to the textures, Frankie collaborates with her clients to make each painting perfect.

Frankie started her painting journey in 2019 and sold all her paintings using her Instagram profile. In 2021, she was ready to elevate her business to the next level and sell her artwork on her own website. Due to the personal connections Frankie had made with her clients, it was important that her website not only showcased a larger collection of her paintings, but showcased her personality. We worked together to create a clean and custom customer experience which made the user feel they could reach out and contact her any time.


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” Emma was so helpful! She really took my ideas and brought them to life with the wonderful website design work she did. I love it and have recieved so many complements about it. I would really recommend any small business working with Elevate plus. “

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